Terms and Conditions
1. PIN. The PIN must be treated with strict confidentiality and may be subject to change by the Cardholder. Pin mailer, after replaced, must be destroyed immediately.

2. CARE LIABILITY. Card Holder is Liable and has the sole responsibility over safety of the card, and agrees to safeguard it against loss, theft and fraudulent or unauthorized use.

3. VALIDITY 2 YRS. From the issue date indicated on the face of the Card. Renewal or replacement of the Card shall be at the sole discretion of Philippine Remittances Ltd..

4. AVAILABLE FUNDS. The use and extent of the Card is limited by the amount of deposit/Funds available in the Card Account. Any transaction OVER the Amount of Funds Deposited will not be honored. No other person is allowed to use the Card and/or PIN to make any card transactions.

5. APPLICABLE CARD FEES & CHARGES. Apply to All Card transactions.

6. NON TRANSFERABLE. Card may be honored by any ATM, VISA and/or China Union Pay affiliated merchants only when properly signed and presented by authorized Cardholder.

7. LOSS OF THE CARD. Cardholder shall immediately report the loss to the Issuer through its Customer Service number. Cardholder shall be responsible for all Card transactions prior to the card being reported Lost or Stolen.

8. DISHONORED CARD. Philippine Remittances Ltd. is not liable to the Cardholder if, for any reason, any accredited establishments fail to honor the Card.

9. LIMITATION OF THE CARD. The use of the Card by the Cardholder shall be subject to all existing laws and rules/regulations issued by any government agency.

10. TERMINATION/CANCELLATION. We may suspend or terminate the Card at any time for as it may deem appropriate. Upon the termination of the Card, Cardholder must immediately return the Card to the Issuer.

Anti-Money Laundering Law

Hold Transaction Requests, Anti Money Laundering Requirements

Unavoidable Circumstances

a. Natural Calamities (typhoon, storm, heavy rain, flash flood, earthquake etc).

b. Nationwide Blackout

c. Political Chaos (Government is in a state of emergency)