What Is The Asenso
International Debit Kard?

The Asenso Debit Kard is a prepaid Visa
debit card. You can only spend what you
deposit, so there are no costly overdraft or
interest fees. It's an easy-to-use and a
convenient alternative to credit cards and
traditional banking. Use your Asenso Debit
Kard without the worry of going into debt or
overdrawing your account!

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Features of The Asenso Kard

Easy Access, it works just like any other debit card

No credit check, No bank account required, no
penalty and no charges for below maintaining
balance. No monthly fees.

Pre-Funded, (No Balance, No Use).

Can Re-load Cards in the Philippines and U.K.

Withdraw Cash From Any ATM Machine Worldwide,
(Bank fees apply depending on which Bank's ATM you use).

Use to Pay Bills (Telephone bills, electrical bills, etc.)

Use to Purchase on the Internet

Pay For Purchases From Establishments
"With VISA Card Accepted" Signs

Transfer Funds  from your debit card to
the debit card of your beneficiaries from
the Philippines.

Advantages of Using Asenso Intenational Debit Kard:


Easily make Purchases
ATM withdrawals anywhere


No need to carry large sums of cash and credit cards and enjoy the 24/7
lost/stolen card protection


Unlike Credit Cards, there are
no finance charges

Instant Issuance

100% acceptance guaranteed
Easy to Apply - Only £2.00 to activate.

Access to a Financial Institution

Enjoy the various banking products
and services

Financial Control

Spend only what is loaded in the card

No Credit

It's a good way to pay for purchases without
having to pay interest fees as you would if you
used a credit card with an outstanding balance.

Customer Service

Dedicated customer service in the
United Kingdom and in the Philippines.
For enquiries, please contact us at:
Philippine Remittances Ltd. 204 Earls Court Road,
London SW5 9QF
Tel: 0207 0961097 or 0207 2592225
Manila: +6324 136367
SMS: +44 756 1115272
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PVC Card Customer Service:
Tel: (02) 884 1793
Toll Free: 1-800-676-8796
email: services@Philrem.net or
Wed: www.Philrem.net